5 Benefits Of Using Wood Burning Stove

Wood Burning Stove

Sitting in front of your fire place and enjoying your time with family on a cold winter night paints such a cozy picture. But, most people these days opt for other types of heating than wood stoves. Yet, nothing can replace the unique warmth and eco-friendliness of wood burning stoves. There are several advantages that a wood stove offers which can be understood clearly from https://www.bbqbazaar.com.au/product-category/wood-heaters/.

We have made this exclusive list detailing the benefits of choosing wood burning stove over other types using gas and electricity. Forbes.com has provided valuable inputs to help us refine these points. So, let’s warm up and go through the list!

Cost considerations
With the electricity, gas and oil options for heating being exorbitantly priced, we are left with wood as the only economically viable option. Several newer technologies like photovoltaic cells and heat pumps are cheaper choices too, but they require an enormous amount of initial investment that can take several years or maybe decades to pay off. In comparison, wood burning stoves work out to be the least expensive option and the wood fuel is also the most affordable amongst the lot. The cost is only one-fifth that of electricity and one-third that of oil and gas.

Distinctive warmth
The warmth emitted by the wooden logs are inimitable by the other types of fuels. It is considered to be much more pleasant than others and the wood burning stove continues to heat the room even after it has gone out. A wood stove is also different from an open fire as open fires are known to feed on the warmth in the air resulting in colder air rather than warmer air. The wood burning stoves are also highly decorative and add elegance and a unique style to your room.

Independent source of energy
Most of the other types of heating use fossil fuels that are non-renewable sources of energy. Their cost cannot be expected to come down any time in the near future as the fossil fuel reserves are fast getting depleted. Wood, being a renewable source, is considered to be far more reliable as the trees that are cut down can be replaced by newer ones much easily than fossil fuels.

More reliability
With the climate becoming more unpredictable with each passing day, power outages may become a more common occurrence in the future. You surely don’t fancy freezing in the middle of a winter night, do you? But, relying only on electric heating may turn such nightmares into a reality. Unlike other sources, wood does not need power to operate.

Eco-friendly option
Burning wood is considered to be a carbon neutral activity. This is because the carbon dioxide that gets emitted at the time of burning fossil fuels stay in the air, thereby polluting the air. But, the carbon dioxide as well as the other greenhouse gases that are produced at the time of burning wood is absorbed by the growing replacement trees thus neutralizing its effects in the air.

This winter, get yourself a wood burning stove and enjoy the warmth with your loved ones!

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